Golf Events

Men's Golf Tournaments

Spring Opener
Eagle Oaks Cup - ”Old vs. Young”
Spring Classic
Honor Day-Share a day w/ the Troops
Five (5) Double Eagle Tournaments
Two (2) One Day Member-Guests
4 Ball Tournament
Father-Child 9 Hole Tournament
Club Championship
Sr. Club Championship
Oak Leaf Classic - 3-day Member Guest
Parent / Junior Golf Outing
President’s Cup
Fall Classic
Clash of the Sky Kings – Battle VII
Turkey Shoot
Men’s Wednesday Night League May - August

Ladies' Golf Tournaments

Spring Opener
2 Player Pinehurst
Spring Classic
Beat The Pro
President’s Cup
Club Championship
4 Ball Tournament
Interclub & Alternate Event
Fall Classic Round 1
Ladies’ End of Season Scramble
Fall Scramble—Play with the Pro’s
Ladies’ Thursday Night League May - August

Mixed Golf Schedule

Cinco de Mayo Scramble 9 Holes
Memorial Day Mixed Golf & BBQ
Mixed Horse Race
4th of July Mixed Golf Pig Roast
Mixed Club Championship
Mixed Nite Golf

Junior Golf Schedule

Junior Clinic Kick-Off
Father’s Day Golf Outing
Club Championship
Parent-Junior Golf Outing & BBQ

Junior Golf Clinics

Saturday Clinics - July - August
Tuesday Clinics - June - July

Ladies' Rally For A Cure

Men's Clash of the Sky Kings

Tournament Leaderboard